September 2018

Kevin is promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure! This couldn’t have been possible without great students and the support of Raina, Charlotte, and Samantha.

August 2018

Kevin, AB, and William gave talks at the 256th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in Boston! AB talked about his work on resolving the role of hydrazine during the synthesis of SrTiO3 nanocrystals and William presented his recent work on spin dynamics in Cr-doped SrTiO3 nanocrystals. Kevin ended the talks by the group on Fumi’s results of Mn2+-doping in decameric CdS nanoclusters.

The group is also enjoying the new labs in the Physical Sciences Building, which we moved into at the end of July.

June 2018

We welcome summer undergraduate research students Anand Ode and Ekeoma Ibe. Anand is an undergraduate at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Ekeoma just finished her Associates degree from Holyoke Community College and is headed to UMass Lowell in the Fall to start her degree in Biotechnology. Welcome to the MIMC lab!

Congratulations to Fumi for his paper on site-specific doping of Mn2+ ions into CdS-based semiconductor nanoclusters. The paper was accepted in Chemistry of Materials.

March 2018

Winter is still alive and well in New England. On the bright side, Kevin will be giving a talk at the National ACS Meeting in New Orleans on Fumi’s research on controlling the speciation of dopants in metal thiophenolate clusters!

January 2018

The group welcomes new first year student Enes Buz who will be working on colloidal aliovalent ZnO nanocrystals. Enes received his Master’s degree in Chemistry from Koç University in Turkey. Welcome Enes!

August 2017

Kevin and colleagues from chemistry and chemical engineering have received an NSF MRI award to acquire a modern powder X-ray diffractometer with in situ capabilities! Read more about it here.

Kevin has been awarded an NSF EAGER award to study aliovalent magnetic semiconductor nanocrystals! Click here to read the NSF award abstract.

July 2017

The group celebrated a great first half of 2017 at Kevin’s house for a bbq. Looking forward to finishing 2017 with some momentum!

June 2017

Dongming Zhou defended his thesis entitled, “Aliovalent Dopants in ZnO Nanocrystals: Synthesis to Electronic Structure.” Congrats Dongming! Group PhD #3!

April 2017

Kevin and Emily McLauren (Kansas State University) organized a great symposium at the ACS National Meeting and Exposition in San Francisco entitled, “Inorganic Nanomaterials: Structure and Function in 0, 1, and 2 Dimensions.” We are grateful to the Division of Inorganic Chemistry (ACS), Chemistry of Materials, OLIS, Strem, Kansas State University and UMass Amherst for sponsoring the symposium.

March 2017

Collaborative effort that transforms SrTiO3 nanocrystals from a freestanding colloidal suspension to transferable nanoarrays sans lithography has been accepted in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Read more in the Publications page!

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