Alumni (graduate):
Haneen Mansoor (Ph.D., 2022: Materials Engineer at Electrified Thermal Systems)
Jillian Denhardt (Ph.D., 2022: Instructor at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
Muhammad Abdullah (Ph.D., 2021: Postdoctoral Researcher at Colorado State University; currently at Global Foundry)
William Harrigan (Ph.D., 2019: High School Chemistry Teacher)
Fumitoshi Kato (Ph.D., 2019: Process Engineer at Tokyo Electronics)
Dongming Zhou (Ph.D., 2017: Postdoctoral Researcher at Zhejiang University; currently Process Engineer at AMEC)
Keith Lehuta (Ph.D., 2016: Senior Scientist at Honeywell)
Swamy Pittala (Ph.D., 2016: Process Engineer at Intel)
Jenileigh Harris (M.Sc., 2014: Consultant)
Kim-Ngan Hua (M.Sc., 2013: Ph.D. University of Vermont, 2020)

Visiting Scholars:
Eva Belmonte Sánchez (Universidad de Almeria)

Alumni (undergraduate):
Anthony Mastromatteo (class of 2022)
Jacob Collins (class of 2021)
Ruby J. Nelson (class of 2020)
Christopher Roy (class of 2018, Grad student @ University of Wisconsin)
Peter Kelly (class of 2018, Grad student @ University of Maine)
Matthew Yee (class of 2018)
Anubhab Haldar (class of 2017, Grad student @ Boston University)
Anton El Khoury (class of 2017, Grad student @ University of California Los Angeles)
Samuel E. Michaud (class of 2016, Grad student @ University of Michigan)
Michael Mortelliti (class of 2016, Grad student @ University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
Benjamin Satterfield (class of 2015: Chem Eng)
Niall Coogan (visiting international student: Spring 2014)
Gino Dos Santos (class of 2014)
Austin Virtue (class of 2013: Ph.D. Chemistry, Univ. of Maryland)
Stan Najmr (class of 2013: Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania)
Robert Nathan (class of 2012)
Jesse Guillet (class of 2012: Ph.D. Chemistry, Boston University)
Tom Foley (class of 2011: J.D., Boston University)
Chris Coakley (class of 2012)
Bill Rowley (class of 2011)
Renita Thim (visiting international student: Spring 2011)

Old Group Photos

group2016January 2016 (from left to right: Swamy, Peter, Elaine, Chris, Michael, William, Fumi, Sam, Steven, Keith, and Dongming)

March 2014 (from left to right: Niall, Dongming, Sam, Jenileigh, William, Swamy, Gino, Fumi, Keith, Michael, Kevin)

Summer 2013 (left to right: William, Jenileigh, Dongming, Kevin, Keith, Swamy)

Spring 2012 (left to right: Dongming, Kim, Keith, Kevin, Swamy)

Spring 2011 (left to right: Jesse, Tom, Kim, Renita, Stan, Bill)

Group Alumni