To date we have acquired a Cary Eclipse luminescence and photoluminescence spectrophotometer, a Cary 50 UV-Vis absorption spectrophotometer, and a Varian 670 FTIR absorption/emission spectrometer equipped with optional beamsplitters (KBr, NIR Quartz, and UV Quartz), light sources (Mid-IR, tungsten, and Xe), and detectors (TE-cooled DLaTGS, InGaAs, Si, and a PMT) to cover the energy range from 0.5 – 5 eV. The FT spectrometer can measure at spectral resolutions of better than 0.01 meV. All of these instruments allow for measurements of single crystals or frozen solutions in an optical cryostat. We also have a custom-built magnetic circular dichroism spectrophotometer that allows for samples to be cooled down to 1.5 K and external magnetic fields up to ±7 T. The CD spectropolarimeter is an OLIS DSM-17 with PMT and InGaAs detectors that extend the instrument from the UV to the NIR (~1600 nm).

Cary50_labEclipse_lab Varian670FTIR_lab OlisMCD_lab

In addition to these instruments, we also manage the department’s state-of-the-art Bruker Elexsys-500 EPR spectrometer with X- and Q-band capabilities and various cavities and cryostats to measure spectra down to liquid helium temperatures. The website for scheduling time on the instrument is here. To obtain a username and password to schedule time on the instrument, you must be a trained user. To inquire about training, please contact Kevin.

EPR Spectrometer