The Kittilstved group took over the responsibility for the Department of Chemistry EPR Facility from Prof. Paul Lahti (Emeritus) in May 2015. The facility is comprised of a Bruker E500 CW-EPR spectrometer with both X- and Q-band capabilities. In addition, there are liquid nitrogen and helium flow cryostats for both X- and Q-bands. Photo-EPR experiments are also capable through optical ports in front of most cavities. The X-band option is also supported by numerous optional cavities including double-resonator, dual-mode (parallel and perpendicular modes) and super-Q. Kinetics experiments are also possible and easy to setup through 2-dimensional experiment routines. For more information about becoming a user of the facility, then please email Kevin. Trained and approved users can access the online scheduler at this page.


EPR Facilities