Spring 2011 – CHEM 546: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Fall 2011 – CHEM 546: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Fall 2012 – CHEM 546: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Fall 2013 – CHEM 546: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Spring 2014 – CHEM 112: General Chemistry II


Research in the Kittilstved group is focused on developing synthetic methods to prepare novel inorganic materials for renewable-energy applications and spin-based technologies. The materials we study are primarily inorganic semiconductors and related molecular clusters with unique electronic structures that are

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December 2016 The group welcomed three new first year students to the group! Welcome Jillian Denhardt, Muhammad Abdullah, and Haneen Mansoor! November 2016 Congrats Keith! Keith Lehuta successfully defended his PhD thesis on controlling and interrogating the dopant/defect oxidation states in


Summer 2013: Eureka! scholars from Girls Inc (Holyoke, MA) Some very bright 8th and 9th grade students learned about energy and how to determine the electrical efficiency (or inefficiency) heating water. To learn more about this great program check out


To date we have acquired a Cary Eclipse luminescence and photoluminescence spectrophotometer, a Cary 50 UV-Vis absorption spectrophotometer, and a Varian 670 FTIR absorption/emission spectrometer equipped with optional beamsplitters (KBr, NIR Quartz, and UV Quartz), light sources (Mid-IR, tungsten, and