Fumitoshi Kato

PhD CandidateBS: Western Washington University RESEARCH PROJECTMetal-ion exchange and speciation of dopants in semiconductor nanoclusters PUBLICATIONS 1. Kato, Fumitoshi; *Kittilstved, Kevin R. “Site-Specific Doping of Mn2+ in a CdS-based Molecular Cluster” Chem. Mater., 2018, 30, 4720–4727 (view). 2. Pittala, Swamy; Mortelliti, Michael J.; Kato, Fumitoshi;

William Harrigan

PhD CandidateBS: University of Binghamton RESEARCH PROJECTSynthesis and characterization of transition metal dopants in colloidal SrTiO3 semiconductor nanocrystals. PUBLICATIONS 1. Harrigan, William L.; Michaud, Samuel E.; Lehuta, Keith A.; *Kittilstved, Kevin R. “Tunable electronic structure and surface defects in chromium-doped colloidal

Current Group

August 2018 Fumi, Jillian, Enes, Ruby, Muhammad “AB”, William, Haneen, Kevin Current Graduate Students Magnetic, Aliovalent Dopants in Metal Oxides Subgroup Enes Buz 2nd yr, Koç University, Turkey William Harrigan PhD Candidate, Binghamton University Haneen Mansoor 3rd yr, Lahore University